5 Movie Poster-Inspired Wedding Poses

Brides can find inspiration for their wedding photos anywhere—including the movie theater.

All eyes will be on you on your wedding day, so when it comes time to take photos, act like the star you are. Strike one of these five poses inspired by posters for popular wedding-themed films.

Gather up your girls for a photo imitating everyone’s favorite group of dysfunctional bridesmaids. Check out one bride’s take on this funny film’s iconic poster, above. Talk about a fun group!

“Father of the Bride”
I love this sweet take on a father-daughter photo. Rather than posing side-by-side with your dad, plant a peck on his cheek. Hopefully his expression is just as hopelessly funny as Steve Martin’s is.

“My Big Fat Greek Wedding”
Do you have a large family? After taking a formal picture, snap one just for fun. Find a door to lean against, and then have your loved ones peeking through on the other side. This also could work for a big bridal party.

“Mamma Mia!”
Actress Amanda Seyfried looks happy enough to burst into song on the poster for this musical rom-com. Show off the sheer joy you feel on your wedding day by striking a similar pose.

“My Best Friend’s Wedding”
I’m always looking for creative ways to photograph wedding cakes, and this one takes the, well, cake. Only rather than plucking the bride from the top tier, it would be fun to show the bride and groom smiling behind their cake topper-couple.

What other fun poses are you planning for your wedding photos? Are any inspired by movie posters that aren’t on this list?

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