5 Ways To Preserve Wedding Memories

Relive the joy of your wedding day with easy and creative ideas for preserving happy memories.

Your toasting flutes, guest book, and even your cake knife are all great wedding keepsakes, but chances are you’ll only bring them out on special occasions. Here are five ways—aside from photos—you can relive the magic of your wedding day whenever you want to reminisce.

Get it on video. If there’s room in the budget, hire a videographer to capture footage of your wedding day. Set to your wedding song, this DVD is sure to bring a happy tear to your eye.

Recreate tastes. Instead of eating year-old cake from the freezer, plan a date night where you and your hubby prepare your wedding meal. Finish the evening with a glass of the same wine or champagne you enjoyed and a sweet treat from the bakery that made your cake.

Re-wear accessories. You probably won’t be able to shorten your gown and wear it again, but you can dress up an outfit with your wedding pearls, shoes, or clutch to remember your walk down the aisle.

Create a shadow box. Collect bits of ephemera throughout your wedding day. Tuck these trinkets into a shadow box along with a picture of you and your husband, and hang it somewhere you’ll see it every day.

Make a brooch bouquet. Put together a “bouquet” made from vintage brooches. Unlike fresh flowers, these sparkly blooms will last forever. After the wedding, put the bouquet in a pretty vase, and place it on your mantel or bedside table.

Of course, the best way to remember your wedding is through photographs. View my portfolio to see memories I’ve helped preserve.

How do you plan to preserve moments from your wedding day?

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