Alternative Bridal Bouquets

No matter which way you toss them, these bouquets will make a statement at your wedding. James A Stepp

If you’re a DIY bride, consider crafting your own bouquet to save money, add style, or avoid sneezes from an allergy-prone member of your wedding party.

Here are some ideas for handmade bouquets you can create for you, your bridesmaids, or the groomsmen’s boutonnières. One big bonus: Most of these will last longer and look nicer than a dried up floral bouquet years down the road.

Objects: Cute pinwheels, giant lollipops, or pretty paper fans may be appropriate for a casual summer wedding. You could also carry a candle or lantern to add ambiance while walking down the aisle.

Handmade: If you thought silk blooms were your only artificial flower option, think again. One bouquet craze sweeping the country involves crafting flowers out of ribbon, paper, stitched fabric, or even buttons.

Found Things: Another popular bouquet alternative is the brooch bouquet. If you like bling, create a bouquet out of vintage pins. Raid Nanna’s collection of costume jewelry to cover your something old, something borrowed, and maybe even something blue.

Plants: Looking to stick to a traditional bouquet, but with a twist? Have your florist put together a bouquet of cotton blossoms, a bundle of wheat, or succulents.

What sort of bouquet will you hold on your wedding day? What are some other ideas for creative bouquets? 

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