Photographing the Proposal

Have a photographer capture your “Will you marry me?” moment!

Guys, so much thought goes into planning the proposal. Besides picking out the perfect ring, you have to decide when, where, and how to pop the question. And very rarely does anyone witness your hard work. That’s why more and more men are hiring professional photographers to document the future grooms getting down on one knee.

I’m loving this photography trend. Here’s why:

  • Whether extravagant or understated, proposals are undoubtedly special. The emotion you feel can’t be replicated. Having a photographer capture the event in action is a great way to get “real” shots of you and your loved one sharing the moment.
  • After getting engaged, one of the first questions people ask is, “How did he do it?” With photographs, you can show them, rather than tell. Plus, proposal photos allow you to share the intimate moment with loved ones without inviting them along.
  • Photographing the proposal is a great way to round out your wedding album. Think of the fun you’ll have years from now flipping through photos of your entire wedding experience, from popping the question to hurrying off in the getaway car.
  • Once the bride says yes, the photographer can come out from his or her hiding spot for an impromptu engagement session. Just think of how happy you’ll look in photos with your post-proposal glow.

If you’re planning to have your proposal photographed, here’s some advice:

  1. Contact your photographer to check availability.
  2. Meet to discuss the details of your proposal and create a game plan for the day.
  3. Select a location where the photographer can conceal himself—or hide in plain sight—to avoid tipping off the bride-to-be.

Ladies: How did your groom propose? Guys: How do you plan to ask the big question?

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