Sticking to Your Wedding Budget

Keep your big day from breaking the bank—and your budget—with these tips.

Most couples have a maximum dollar amount they’d like to spend on their wedding. And many go over that number. In a previous post, I offered tips for setting a wedding budget.  Here are tips for sticking to it.

Break it Down
You’ve created your budget. Now organize it into smaller categories, i.e., a venue, entertainment, or the dress. Creating smaller budgets for each of these wedding elements can help you plan your spending and stick to your overall budget.

Make Adjustments
If you budgeted $500 for your wedding cake, but decide that you’d like to add another tier, consider other areas where you can cut costs. If you spend more than planned on one area of your wedding, try to balance your budget by spending less on other areas.

Revisit Your Budget
Wedding planning can be a whirlwind of flowers, favors, and food tastings. Regularly review your spending to make sure it’s on track with your budget, and to avoid becoming distracted by little details you hadn’t planned for—and don’t need.

Shop Within Your Budget
Don’t try on a dress or tour a venue you simply can’t afford. Falling in love with things that are out of your price range may tempt you to spend outside your means, or could leave you feeling like you have to settle on something less expensive.

Be Prepared
Tipping your vendors, paying for trial hair and makeup, and filing your marriage license are easy to forget to budget for—and hard to swallow when these costs add up. As you plan your wedding, set aside cash to build up a small reserve you can dip into when unplanned expenses occur.

What other tricks do you use to stick to your wedding budget?

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