The Power of Pinterest

Power of PinterestCommunicating the style or tone you prefer for your photos can be difficult to put into words—so use visuals instead. Pinterest is a fantastic tool that many photographers use to gain a better understanding of their clients’ needs, personalities, and interests. You can use it for your engagement session, wedding, or both.

Creating a collection of photos will help you pick out some of your must-have poses, making it easier for you and your photographer to put together a shot list. Your collection can also help plan props for creating save-the-dates or thank you cards.

Pinterest can be used to assist your photographer in “scouting” your wedding venues, too. Is there a certain room, area, or detail at one of your venues that you absolutely love? Snap a photo and share it in your collection. It will give your photographer a springboard for creating beautiful photos that incorporate that special aspect.

Here are a few tips to help get you started with your inspiration board.

  • Start small: You chose your photographer for a reason, so start with their portfolio. Then venture out to other sources, such as wedding blogs, digital magazines, and other photographers.
  • Add descriptions: Write a few sentences about each photo you pin, describing what it is you like about the photo.
  • Take it easy: Only the photos you love should be on your final board. Pinning too many photos can overwhelm you and make it harder for your photographer to analyze your style.
  • Be realistic: The goal of your pins is to inspire, not replicate. Each couple has a distinct personality and your photographer should tweak your inspirations to reflect that.

Meet with your photographer: Share your finished Pinterest board with your photographer and then meet to further discuss the direction of your photos. This will help clear up any misconceptions.

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