Very Busy Weekend!

I had a very busy weekend. Had a wonderful time capturing Amy & Rob’s wedding celebration for them with my good friend Aly Carroll. Wonderful day and beautiful weather. An outdoor celebration with the ceremony at the Chinese pagoda.

Sunday was the Everything Bridal Show. Six hours of standing and meeting some wonderful brides and family. My feet may be sore, but I wouldn’t have missed it for anything.

We had an emergency on Saturday. We had to take our 10 month Irish Wolfhound puppy to Iowa State Vet Clinic in Ames for emergency surgery. This has been a very trying ordeal for all of us that started in July with her tail getting caught in a steel door while being boarded at the vet’s. The surgery went very well and she is on the road to recovery. We are looking forward to having Mrs. Woosha O’Leary back with our family.

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