Wedding Planning Help Is On The Way!

Weddings are wonderful! The thought of your wedding lights up your eyes and brings a smile to your face. Planning a wedding can be intimidating. We understand this and do our best to share what we have experienced at different weddings with our clients. We do our best to make the photography experience as comfortable as possible. But, we would like to go further. We are collecting what we have seen and experienced and making it available to you. It doesn’t matter if you are a client or not. We want to make your experience one that is comfortable as well as organized. We are doing this with a new menu item “Wedding Help Forms”. In this area, you will find forms that will help you get started, work with a budget and get organized. We are starting this with the Wedding Starter Kit, see image. This is a form to help you think about your dream. It is a starting point. We will update this with forms on planning your wedding, budgeting for a florist, and other helpful forms to come.


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